What Others Say About Janet


Like an old friend, Janet always takes the time to understand what’s going on in your life. She’s kind, caring, intuative and I just love going to see her. Living in such stressful times, I always feel much less stressed after our visits. Thank you, Janet, for helping relieve the pain in my knees and back!

Today was the first day that I didn’t wake up with a sore back or right leg in a very long time. You are amazing!

Thank you for making my world a better place to live in.


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your care and treatments. I know without your help my side effects and even my outcome would have been much worse. You helped make going through those nasty drugs bearable and I completed treatment with no virus detected. I will be back in for more treatments and I will recommend you to others.

You have been a healing presence in my life as I have struggled with this bizarre pain! You’ve never given up on me and have helped me maintain hope that I will eventually get better. Thank you for all your goodness to me!
-Mary Pat

After I had my second Multiple Sclerosis episode, which left me numb from the waist down, I decided to try acupuncture. My family had seen Janet in the past and had great success, so I decided to see her. Each time I would see her for a treatment, I would notice a steady improvement. One time I went into the treatment room, with my numb feet, and as she started to put needles in, I felt a weird sensation with one of the needles. After she took the needles out and I got down from the treatment table, I could feel the floor! I could feel the floor! I started jumping up and down in bliss. Bless Janet!

My first visit with you has changed my life and given me much peace. You are truly so outstanding and special in what you do and give.

I wanted to thank you ever so much for your good care and kindness in treating me with acupuncture! Wishing you all the best!

Acupuncture has helped me for many years to stay balanced and maintain good health and Janet has been a wonderful partner in the process. She is knowledgeable, thorough, calm and supportive. She is generous with her time and holistic in her approach, always offering helpful suggestions. I recommend her highly!

Janet has been my acupuncturist since she first began her practice ten years ago. I am almost 80 years of age & for the last 35+ years have been maintaining my good health by having acupuncture once a month to clear my meridians. Janet is warm, compassionate, knowledgeable, sensitive, intuitive & always up-to-date with her skills.

I want you to know how much I appreciate you helping me with the Chinese herbs that assist me in overcoming my “ailments.”  They work better than many other things I have tried.  So, again, thank you for your kindness.